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International Cooperation

Science Press is a pioneer conducting international cooperation in China sci-tech publishing. It established co-publishing cooperation with foreign publishing companies as early as the end of 1970’s. Building up from nothing and expanding continuously, Science Press has made contributions for introducing China’s sci-tech books and journals into international market. Especially in the recent years, Science Press further strengthened international cooperation, actively carried out “marching out” strategy. It keeps cooperation partnership with over 200 publishing companies from more than 20 countries and regions in the world. Several world renowned STM publishers established strategic cooperation relationship with Science Press. The other major foreign publishers take Science Press as their first choice to carry out sci-tech publishing cooperation in China. Both the cooperation scope and scale are expanded annually. Moreover, the cooperation modes are growing much more diversified and deep. Science Press maintains its leading position in the market of sci-tech publishing import and export, becoming the “flagship” of China sci-tech publishing industry.

In the Beijing International Book Fair and Frankfurt Book Fair held in recent two years, Science Press exported more than 200 excellent sci-tech books to European and American countries annually. The export quantity ranked the second place among all the Chinese publishing houses, and ranked the first in sci-tech publishers. There are 114 Science Press titles receiving government subsidy in the “China Book International” Plan conducted by the Information Office of the State Council.

Besides book cooperation, 31 English sci-tech journals including “Science in China” and “China Science Bulletin” also have cooperation with leading international sci-tech publishers. In 2007, Science Press was entitled “National Key Enterprise of Culture Export” by the Ministry of Commerce and Ministry of Culture. It was also awarded “Beijing Advanced Copyright Trade Unit” by Beijing Municipal Bureau of Press and Publication.

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