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In June 1930, Mr. Yan Youzhi established a publishing house at the site of Shanghai Longmen Normal School. This is where the name of Longmen Book came from. In 1932, Longmen Book was transferred into a limited liability company.

In 1937, Mr. Yan Youzhi initiated to organize eight publishing houses to do joint operation, Longmen Book Co., Ltd. being founded.
In 1938, Longmen Book Co., Ltd. started self-distribution. Since then, Longmen integrated publishing, printing and distribution, becoming a major player in China publishing.


In 1954, Science Press was founded through the merger of two organizations: the former Compilation and Translation Bureau of Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) and Longmen Book Co., Ltd.
After its establishment, Science Press formed the working styles which are “three highs”(high quality, high level, high standard) and “three Ss” (serious, strict, stringent). Focusing on sci-tech monograph publishing, Science Press became China’s largest comprehensive sci-tech publishing organization.

In 1972, the former Popular Science Press merged with Science Press.
In 1984 and 1992, CAS and GAPP respectively approved Science Press to publish audio-visual products and electronic products. Shanghai branch, Guangzhou editorial office, Changchun editoral office, Shenyang editorial office, Wuhan branch and Chengdu branch were opened in succession.
In 1990, CAS decided to annually appropriate 3 million RMB from its budget to set up Science Publishing Foundation. All the publications sponsored by this foundation were arranged to publish in Science Press.
In August 1993, Science Press resumed the name Longmen Book, as its secondary name. In October, Science Press was awarded the title of “National Excellent Publishing House” of the first batch by the Department of Publicity and GAPP.

Since 1995, Science Press had a series of reform and adjustments on organization structure, staff structure, product structure, operation mechanism, HR regulation, HR evaluation model and salary regulation.
In the end of 2001, the comprehensive competitive strength has soared up to the first place among sci-tech publishing houses around China.
In June 2000, China Science Publishing Group was founded, with Science Press as its core member.
In June 2003, China Science Publishing Group became the first-batch experiment unit of Central Cultural System Reform. CSPG will operate in modern enterprise system and join in the market competition.
In June 2005, CSPG was incorporated under the name of China Science Publishing Group Ltd (which can be still called China Science Publishing Group for convenience).
In April 2007, Science Press was incorporated under the name of Science Press Ltd.

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